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Highlander/Due South Crossover rec

Making a Mark by Andromeda_girl (354K) SLASH

Author's summary: After returning from his Canadian adventure, Detective Ray Kowalski starts a new life in Seacouver - and as a brand new Immortal, he gets the Really Old Guy as a teacher. Lucky him.

I was really surprised by this one. I had set it aside to read when I was in a snarky mood because I expected it to be spectacularly bad. It wasn't.

This is Methos/Ray Kowalski slash. It gets close to being too sappy at a few spots, but the author seems to know that Methos and sap are a bad combination and steers away from the worst of it. I thought most of Methos' reactions in the fic were believable. (And the locker room sex scene was kinda hot...)

There's not as much action/adventure as I might expect in a fic this long. It very much focuses on Ray's training as a new Immortal.

(Sadly, this is the author's only fic in the archive. After this, I wanted more.)
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