Seiji and inky (seijinky) wrote,
Seiji and inky

fic rec (Stargate SG-1 and The Sentinel)

Lovely by Martha (303K)
Sentinel/Stargate crossover, gen, spoilers for Stargate 4th season

Sentinel/Stargate crossover fics are what got me watching Stargate. There was enough in them that made me curious enough to watch an episode or two--and the rest is history.

I've since reread the fics that caught my interest. As suspected, they were terribly OOC--Jack is made almost incompetent and Daniel is dressing in leather and going to gay clubs. (Ficcers, please note: leather doesn't come in tweed or plaid--so Daniel's not going to wear it.)

Lovely felt just like what a crossover between these two series should feel like. The characterization is very on-target. Daniel feels a little off at times, but given that Daniel has a slight tendency to go nuts, I think it is forgivable.

Lots of spoilers for "Absolute Power" and "The Light"--and it goes AU after that point in the Stargate Universe. Some of the stuff with the aliens and the NID feels a little over-the-top, but both shows can be over-the-top at times.

I found it compelling because it made me want to discover what the heck was going on. There were a few moments that also made me grin because the characters (especially Jack and Sam) felt so right.
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