Seiji and inky (seijinky) wrote,
Seiji and inky

Highlander recs

White Paper by Tessa Rae (40K) pre-slash

A very simple piece, set on Duncan's birthday in 2048. I just found it remarkably touching--and not many Highlander fics do that for me.

Timbre by Tray (16K) gen

Another short and simple fic that spoke to me unexpectedly. This one is a bit of Methos' past (Italy 1718).

(I might just like this one for sentimental reasons.

"Why?" Giuseppe repeated thoughtfully. "Because it is old, old wood." He ran his fingers gently along the grain. "Because it has been prayed over for so many years, so many prayers going past it, imbuing it. Because now that the prayers are silent, I can make it so that the wood is not. And it can sing the praises of God long past my time, and perhaps even to the ends of the world."

I thought that was beautiful.)
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