Seiji and inky (seijinky) wrote,
Seiji and inky

Stargate fic rec

Elvis has Left the Building by Salieri

(32 K; basically a gen story, with a few mild slash moments; almost spoiler-free, but contains a tiny reference to season 7 stuff, so I'd rec it to surlykitty, but advise people more concerned about spoilers to stay away)

Author's Summary: A Smorg story: a moose, moderately pervy bootlaces, Jaffa poetry, implied Swedish, spray cheese and gratuitous tok'ra.

The fic starts a little slowly. Once you get beyond the Jaffa poetry and the moose enters the scene, though, it's a really good, silly fic.

(The author writes really good fics, but most of her other stuff is good and depressing--oh, and most of her stuff contains season 7 spoilers.)
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